5 Top Tricks to Take Best Pictures of Your Dogs

5 Top Tricks to Take Best Pictures of Your Dogs

You might be very good at taking pictures, and people must have suggested you become an Instagram blogger or something for how instagramable your pictures turn out to be always. Well, taking your pictures or capturing a winter morning might be easy as in it the subject of the photograph either you or the environment are a lot calmer in the sense that you can easily click without any disturbance. However, when it comes to doing dog photography, you are going to mess up a bit no matter what. As in it, the skill of capturing the picture is one thing, but a connection needs to be there between you and the dog constantly so that you can capture the dog with ease. You know how dogs are furious and active. They would never stop for you to take a picture; that is where you have to go to the level of the dog and befriend them so that the dog can let you do your thing without getting anxious about it. The goal is to capture the cuteness as much as possible, and for that, we have gathered some tips and tricks that if you apply, either you want to capture your dog or you run a pet business of photography.

Try To Befriend the Dog:

As you know, a dog is only comfortable with its owner and gets anxious as soon as someone unknown gets closer because it makes them sense danger. If you are the owner of the dog, you are sorted, but if you are capturing someone else's dog, then, first of all, try getting to know the dog and slowly and steadily make them feel comfortable. You can befriend them by giving them some treats or interactive pet toys; this will definitely make them feel at home, and after all, who treats can't trick, right? Bribe your way through the process if you want to get incredible pictures. Playing with them with toys will help you interact with them; otherwise, you know they don't interact with strangers.

Lighting Is the Key:

Make sure that the lighting is on point if you are doing it in a studio or somewhere outdoor. If you are shooting in some outdoor area, try picking times like sunset or early morning; that's when you can make perfect use of the natural light. If you are shooting indoor in some house or studio, set up the entire lighting before the dog has come. One reason for this is setting the light in front of the dog might make them anxious. The other reason is if the lighting would be all set before the dog comes, then when you will be interacting with the dog, you can also keep taking pictures without having to make the dog wait before the light setup is done, so you do not miss out on any chirpy happy dog moment. 

Try Using Burst Mode:

The dog is a furious subject to capture, and you do not want to miss any moment that the dog might happen to give you at any moment. For that, even if you keep your capture ready to capture, you still miss out on the moment before the camera clicks. Therefore, for this, you need to do the continuous shooting, and then later, you can keep all the good ones among them and discard the blurry ones. Every camera has a burst mode option that continuously keeps clicking when you press the camera button once. This will help you capture it all very perfectly.

Try Incorporating Pet Accessories: 

Dogs are already full of cuteness, no doubt, but you can make them look even cuter by making use of some cute pet accessories only if the dog is comfortable with them; otherwise, don't. Like dog hats or dog glasses will make the whole scenario all cutesy and sweet. Try doing this for sure.

The Focus Should Be on Eyes:

Dogs are such cute furry beings with mesmerizing eyes. One great tip of capturing a fascinating dog picture will be to keep the focus on the dog's eyes. It's all in the eyes, and when the dog has unique colored eyes, the picture becomes even more fascinating. Therefore, also try capturing some pictures where the focus is mainly set on eyes.