5 Best Tips to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dogs

5 Best Tips to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dogs

Dogs are one of the most playful creatures. Sometimes it becomes hard for us to meet their energy level. But getting them some frisky toys can give you help in managing their playtime These toys are not a luxury but in fact, a necessity for your dogs as they keep them mentally sharp and engaged all the time. Besides, these toys also alleviate their boredom, especially when you have to go to your workplace. The right toys would also even relieve their stress and promote weight management. 

Most of all, these toys promote bonding between you and your pop. The significance of dog toys is proved from all these benefits, but on the other hand, it is also vital to get the right toys for them. This article is generally the ultimate guide to pick the right toys for the dogs that keep them happy and make you satiated.

1. Get The Right Size

The most vital tip to keep your dogs contented is to get them the right size toys. Give them toys with which they can easily play. This means to get large toys for the large dogs and small toys for the little pups. If you give the teeny toys to the larger dogs, they might devour it in their throat. Similarly, the larger toys are no fun for the puppies. Smaller pups like such toys, which are easy to carry and move. Ball toys, plush toys, and water toys made by the dog toys manufacturer are some of the toys that your dogs are definitely going to love. 

2. Recognize Potential Choking Hazards

Never give damaged toys to your dogs, especially if they are made of any hard material. Chances are your dog might gulp the tiny pieces of the broken toy and harm themselves. Similarly, also be careful with the chew toys as they could break off easily. Though dogs love chewy toys, you can always get the better quality and material for your pups for their safety.

3. Manage Playtime of Your Dogs with New Toys

When you gift a new toy to your dog, you must supervise how he handles it and plays with it. Take full assurance if it is safe for your dog and after making sure you can leave your dog with the toy. If you feel that your little pup is uncomfortable with his new toys, it is better to find an alternative for him. 

4. Discard Old and Broken Toys

Broken toys are the dangerous ones. There are lots of hazards related to them as they can cause issues like choking or other intestinal hitches. Remember, these toys are not meant to last forever. There comes a time when you must bid farewell to them and surprise your pups with new interesting toys.

5. Rotate Your Dog’s Toy Once a Week

Do not let your dog be bored of his toys. Rotate the toys week wise as suggested by the Humane Society of the US. This not only keeps them fresh and excited but also helps in boosting the longevity of the toys.