Our Story

Company Overview

In Christmas Eve in 2019, 3 partners, that'our story begins here...

Yes, our company was established on a special holiday-Christmas Eve.

Initially, we had 3 partners, founder Jonas and his 2 dogs, fried dough sticks and black rice porridge.

That's right, the yellow one is fried dough sticks and the black one is black rice porridge.

When the founder is working, his two friends will lie on the sofa and stare at him or sleep in.

In their leisure time, they will share various foods and snacks together.

After finishing a heavy day of work, they will Mountain climbing and walking together.

After that, with our continuous progress and development, more and more partners joined our company, and we established a sales department, planning and operation department, quality inspection department, and after-sales service department.

Every Friday, our employees can bring their pets to the company to work together. That day is like a gathering for Forest Mobilization, fun and warm.

Our philosophy is to pursue harmony between humans and animals, and provide richer and better products for the construction of friendship between humans and animals.

In the future, our dream is that as we continue to grow, we will take on more social responsibility, help more people in need, and help more animals in need.

Although this dream is difficult, we use one of our founder’s favorite words to encourage us.

"Philippians 4:13: I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me."

"Love makes an ordinary day extraordinary"

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