On Christmas Eve in 2019,  3 partners, that our story begins here...

Yes, our company was established on a special holiday of Christmas Eve. Initially, we had 3 partners, founder Jonas and his 2 dogs, fried dough sticks, and black rice porridge. Ningbo Lamb Trading is an organization with lovely pet accessories. When the founder is working, his two friends will lie on the sofa and stare at him or sleep in. In their leisure time, they will share various foods and snacks together. After finishing a heavy day of work, they will Mountain climbing and walking together.

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How to Bottle-Feed Puppies And Kittens

Mother nature is astonishing; every mother, either a human or an animal, has an in-built instinctive quality to feed her children. As soon as a mother gives birth, all it cares about is the baby, starts feeding the baby, starts taking care of the baby, does anything and everything for the baby. In certain situations, the mother of the kitten or puppy refuses to feed its child and rejects it completely. In such situations, it becomes a duty of humans to take care of the turned-down baby. However, there also comes a situation when the mother of the kitten or puppy is placed on such medications after giving birth that is harmful to the kitten or puppy; thereby, it is prohibited for the mother to feed its child. Whatever situations come in by chance, you must know how to tackle them for the sake of saving a life. We have prepared a basic guide for you that will help you in doing so. Guidelines for Bottle-Feeding Puppies or Kittens: ·         It is important to get a good pet feeder; it will make the process so much easier. The amount of milk that needs to be given to the baby matters the most. You do not want to risk the baby’s health by feeding them less or more than the standard need for its age. How can you know if the baby’s stomach is full? Once the tummy of the baby starts to expand, that’s when you need to stop; it should only be expanded and not stretched. However, you can also search for feeding amounts for babies of different ages and fill the feeder accordingly. ·         The position of the baby at the time of feeding matters a lot; if the baby is not in its right position, then problems like choking, suffocation, and aspiration can happen. The best feeding positions for a kitten or puppy are to hold them upright from their sternum and to let them rest on their stomach. These are the two best positions; kitten and puppy are not humans, so do not try to feed them by placing them on their back. This is the worst feeding for a kitten or puppy and can kill the baby in the blink of an eye.  ·         It is not recommended to use cold or hot milk for feeding a kitten or puppy; you must always boil the milk 5 to 10 minutes before feeding so that in the meantime, the milk can reach an optimum medium temperature that is neither hot nor cold. Even after putting the hot milk aside for some minutes, you must still check its temperate by dropping a few drops on your wrist. If it feels hot, let it get a little cooler, and if it is cooler than the medium temperature, perhaps you will have to heat it again. ·         Feeding the kitten or puppy isn’t enough, as they are at such tender age that they can not do anything by themselves; therefore, after feeding them, it is also your responsibility to stimulate them to urinate and defecate. You can stimulate a kitten or puppy by massaging their anal area with a damp cotton cloth, and this would do the thing. ·         The catch is to go with the flow of the kitten or puppy; the entire feeding process might seem very slow, but, in any case, you do not squeeze the bottle to increase the pressure and supply of the milk. It is going to be very dangerous for the kitten or puppy; kittens especially lose their appetite by force-feeding them and can die if not eaten on time. Similarly, do not even try to make the bottle’s nipple’s hole bigger than usual; it will also increase the pressure and supply of milk that is very life-threatening for the puppy or kitten. ·         To nurture the baby properly for its health, cleaning the baby is also very important. Once the baby has been out of its mom for 24 hours, it is bath time. However, you are not going to put the baby in water directly at this age; you will have to give them a warm washcloth bath twice a day. ·         As the puppy or kitten is not feeding onto its mother, it is not getting enough colostrum and probiotics as they are present abundantly in mother’s milk compared to formula milk. Perhaps it is suggested to give colostrum and probiotic substitute to them so that they can develop like any other puppy and kitten. Final Word:  Animals are not lesser than humans; every life on earth matters the same; therefore, we should also see everyone as equal and care for everyone equally. Like a human baby that comes into this world doesn’t know what to do, and their mother does it all from feeding to cleaning everything, but if a mother is unable to do so, then there are people for help, but animals don’t have that privilege at all. Therefore, it becomes our natural duty to understand the nurturing of these animals and execute them properly. It seems a bit of a task only until the baby is not able to do anything for itself, once the baby reaches its learning age, you can train them, and they will do half of the work all by themselves like eating from a bowl, defecating and urinating by themselves in their assigned place, etc.

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5 Top Tricks to Take Best Pictures of Your Dogs

You might be very good at taking pictures, and people must have suggested you become an Instagram blogger or something for how instagramable your pictures turn out to be always. Well, taking your pictures or capturing a winter morning might be easy as in it the subject of the photograph either you or the environment are a lot calmer in the sense that you can easily click without any disturbance. However, when it comes to doing dog photography, you are going to mess up a bit no matter what. As in it, the skill of capturing the picture is one thing, but a connection needs to be there between you and the dog constantly so that you can capture the dog with ease. You know how dogs are furious and active. They would never stop for you to take a picture; that is where you have to go to the level of the dog and befriend them so that the dog can let you do your thing without getting anxious about it. The goal is to capture the cuteness as much as possible, and for that, we have gathered some tips and tricks that if you apply, either you want to capture your dog or you run a pet business of photography. Try To Befriend the Dog: As you know, a dog is only comfortable with its owner and gets anxious as soon as someone unknown gets closer because it makes them sense danger. If you are the owner of the dog, you are sorted, but if you are capturing someone else's dog, then, first of all, try getting to know the dog and slowly and steadily make them feel comfortable. You can befriend them by giving them some treats or interactive pet toys; this will definitely make them feel at home, and after all, who treats can't trick, right? Bribe your way through the process if you want to get incredible pictures. Playing with them with toys will help you interact with them; otherwise, you know they don't interact with strangers. Lighting Is the Key: Make sure that the lighting is on point if you are doing it in a studio or somewhere outdoor. If you are shooting in some outdoor area, try picking times like sunset or early morning; that's when you can make perfect use of the natural light. If you are shooting indoor in some house or studio, set up the entire lighting before the dog has come. One reason for this is setting the light in front of the dog might make them anxious. The other reason is if the lighting would be all set before the dog comes, then when you will be interacting with the dog, you can also keep taking pictures without having to make the dog wait before the light setup is done, so you do not miss out on any chirpy happy dog moment.  Try Using Burst Mode: The dog is a furious subject to capture, and you do not want to miss any moment that the dog might happen to give you at any moment. For that, even if you keep your capture ready to capture, you still miss out on the moment before the camera clicks. Therefore, for this, you need to do the continuous shooting, and then later, you can keep all the good ones among them and discard the blurry ones. Every camera has a burst mode option that continuously keeps clicking when you press the camera button once. This will help you capture it all very perfectly. Try Incorporating Pet Accessories:  Dogs are already full of cuteness, no doubt, but you can make them look even cuter by making use of some cute pet accessories only if the dog is comfortable with them; otherwise, don't. Like dog hats or dog glasses will make the whole scenario all cutesy and sweet. Try doing this for sure. The Focus Should Be on Eyes: Dogs are such cute furry beings with mesmerizing eyes. One great tip of capturing a fascinating dog picture will be to keep the focus on the dog's eyes. It's all in the eyes, and when the dog has unique colored eyes, the picture becomes even more fascinating. Therefore, also try capturing some pictures where the focus is mainly set on eyes. 

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Top 5 Business Ideas For Pet Lovers

It is commonly believed that human needs a human for achieving the sense of fulfillment and nothing can replace that. But it is not true. If the sense of companionship is all that we need, then animals cannot be ignored. Just like humans, they are breathing beings with four limbs and a brain just like us. Although pets cannot do life as humans do, they can be there by your side while you deal with the chaos in the world. Therefore, the belief that companionship comes only from the same breed is not quite true. In fact, ask pet lovers about the importance of their pets in their lives, and you will be amazed by the amount of gratitude and positivity that pets bring to their lives.  Besides providing companionship and being our best friends, pets can be used to achieve a lot more. How about we give you an insight into the kinds of businesses you can indulge in using pets? Well, this article is going to cover just that. We are going to enlist the top 5 business ideas for pet lovers.  Pet Sitting  Pet sitting involves creating a place for pets where people can drop their pets when they are busy or away. Here, the pets remain engaged playing and getting treats, more like what they do under the care of their owners. Besides, Pet sitting is also a good business idea because it does not require much investment except a place and some pet treats and toys to play with. It is guaranteed to yield the best results with minimum risk of losing money.  Animal training Centre All the novice pet lovers will understand the struggle to train pets for all sorts of behaviors, such as poop training, behavioral therapy, and teaching them basic manners to listen and obey instructions from their owner. If your busy life does not allow for you to spend hefty amounts of time on training your pets, so, you can drop them at animal training centers. While if you are looking for a start-up business and have an aptitude for pet training then, you can start this business. It will not require a huge investment and just some training aptitude and a good place.  Dog Walker  One of the reasons people love dogs as pets is because they celebrate the little joys of life. Out of the many things that makes dogs happy is walking. You should see how happy and cheerful they get once they are taken out on walks. So, when you start a dog walking business, you are basically getting paid for making dogs happy and cheerful. All in all, you will be paid for making others dog walk in parks and exercise. This business uses literally no amount of investment.   Pet Accessories Business We all love to make our pets look cute and dress them up in different cute outfits. For instance, you are dressing them up for different events and occasions. Moreover, If your dog loves evening walks and you need a solid belt and chain for their necks. Or all sorts of accessories you can think of to make your pets look cuter can be bought from any certified Pet accessories manufacturer. Animal Blogger and Expert If you love all the social media attention and want your pet to enjoy the same amount of attention, then you can set up a social media account where you can upload and document their day-to-day life activities and make people laugh. Or if you set up a YouTube channel and your pet succeeds in stealing the limelight, you are in for a lot of money. 

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Meet the Top-Notch China Pet Supplies Manufacturer

Do you adore your pets and want them to provide the best? Then shop from the superior China pet supplies manufacturer and attain the top-quality items for them. Ningbo Lamb Trading Co., Ltd. is a well-renowned firm in China that manufactures different items for your pets, including their daily necessities, toys, leashes, and collars, LED Collars, etc. We, as one of the leading wholesale pet supplies exporter in China, offer you high-quality products and equipment for your pets at reasonable rates. Lamb Trading understands the love you have for your pets. In fact, pets are no less than your family members. This is why we render you the supreme wholesale pets accessories China. We manufacture the cutest attires and adornments for your pets, especially for events like Christmas that makes them look more adorable and make you and your pets the happiest.

Shop from the Most Economical Wholesale Pet Supplies Exporter of China

Lamb Trading is the top-tier China pet supplies manufacturer that provides the optimal quality of products for your pets at cost-effective rates. We are the wholesale dealers and gives you the opportunity to flourish your businesses by shopping from us in bulk. Our services are not limited to China but worldwide. The buyers prefer shopping from the premier wholesale pet supplies exporter as we are internationally certified as well. Also, we are admired globally for providing optimum quality at many affordable rates.

Shower Your Love to Your Pets with the Best Wholesale Pets Accessories China

We care for you and your pets. This is why we manufacture premium quality products. The fun toys we manufacture for your pets will make you spend the most memorable and playful times with them. We also have some incredible Christmas gifts out of the other wholesale pets accessories China. Apart from these adorable small things, we also provide the daily necessities and durable collars and leashes for your pets. In short, we have the whole package for your pets that will make you and your pets gladder.

Enjoy Superior Services at Lamb Trading

We, as the prime pet suppliers of China, not only render you with high-quality and incredible items for your pets, but we also provide you with reliable services. Lamb Trading provides you with both pre-sale and after-sale services. We provide you with on-time delivery, supreme customer-care services, and satiate our clientele by all means. So do not make any compromise when it comes to your pets and book your orders with us.