On Christmas Eve in 2019,  3 partners, that our story begins here...

Yes, our company was established on a special holiday of Christmas Eve. Initially, we had 3 partners, founder Jonas and his 2 dogs, fried dough sticks, and black rice porridge. Ningbo Lamb Trading is an organization with lovely pet accessories. When the founder is working, his two friends will lie on the sofa and stare at him or sleep in. In their leisure time, they will share various foods and snacks together. After finishing a heavy day of work, they will Mountain climbing and walking together.

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Top 10 Pet Daily Necessity Products

Whether your pet is an adolescent, an adult, or a senior, these daily essentials are found suitable for providing safety, comfort, and joy to them. This post serves best to beginner pet owners as this post contains all the essential pet daily care accessories. For Newbie pet parents, the pet essentials are way beyond sturdy leash and ID tags. You have to increase your awareness about pets daily to enjoy a hassle-free routine with your pets because, just like babies, they want your complete attention and care. So, make sure that your pet should have high-quality food, fun toys, and necessary things to live a happy, healthy life. Keep reading, number eight is worth your attention. 1. Pet Toilet Housetraining is the biggest problem that all responsible pet parents face. And most pet owners find it a very hard part of pet training. Overcoming these challenges would be easy if you have the right tools for training your pet. Thankfully, current developments in the dog toilet industry offer pet owners great solutions. There are dozens of toilet products in the market, including a self-cleaning station, grated pet toilet, potty pads, diapers, etc.; people choose between these products as per their priority. Thus, pet toilet is selling as the best in daily pet care products in the market. 2. Pet Toys  Toys can help pets in making them happier. They also better engage and provide better control over their behavior. And the more toys they have to choose from, the more relaxed they will feel. Pet Toys work best for controlling problematic behavior like excessive barking and inappropriate chewing. 3. Glowing led dog collar LED dog collars are best for keeping track of your dog, especially at night. LED collars also work well in illuminating a very dark path for the door. And It works best when you are running out of light with your pet, and the collar can shed enough light for you and your loved one to survive in the dark.  4. Pet Mat You don't know the actual value mats can provide to your pet, and there is a new product in the market called cooling mat, which is way too beneficial than you think when compared with regular mats. Unlike regular pet mats, they have a unique cooling characteristic due to materials used in products such as cooling gel, breathable mesh, and cooling fabric. Therefore, the mats can Regulate the temperature of your pet during hot weather. It also helps in cooling your pet. Combat the anxiety, provide comfort and also promote optimal sleep. 5. Pet Fountain Filter  To give your furry friends the best life possible, you have to try your best. When it comes to the pet water fountain, most people believe every pet owner should buy a pet fountain filter for their home. The pet water fountain is the product hitting the market these days, made specifically for pets, providing them with clean, fresh water whenever they want. 6. Pet Collar and Lashes  Pet collars fulfill many roles, especially from a safety point of view, as they are safe your pet from so many dangers. Pet collar also serves an essential role in carrying your dog's identification. With leashes, you can simply provide lifting assistance to your pet when necessary and without causing discomfort and pain. That is why replacing your dog's collar and leash on time is essential, as well as choosing the right supplier of pet products. 7. Garden Building for Pets Make a cozy spot for your pet outside the house, which is essential for mood change. Most homeowners prefer wooden settings, which serve the best purposes of shedding outside in the garden. 8. Pet Carrier and Outdoor The dog backpack carrier is like a rag suck that you sit your little pup in, and the pet or its stuff whatever you like, but usually it is used to carry a pet during sickness, hiking, and or injury. Many good material pet carriers are available in the market. 9. Pet Clothing and Garnish Pet clothing is suitable for your pet's overall safety, but apart from safety, it helps protect skin and pet fur. The outdoors has lots of potential irritants, which seriously cause problems to your pets, so that's where the pet clothing comes in to serve. 10. Pet Care Accessories  The pet stain and odor removal spray come first on the pet accessories list because this would be your single most significant concern after having pets. The spray will clean all new and old pet stains. 

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Leash Or Collar: Which One Is Better For Your Dog?

An experienced dog owner realizes the difference between a leash and a collar. Many people believe that a leash often hurts the animal as they try to move further away from it than possible. Dogs bound to a leash usually end up stretching it to an extent where it leaves marks on their necks, which is not very pleasant. As a loving pet owner, you have another option of putting a collar on the dog's neck. It is a permanent collar with a hook to which you can attach a belt while taking the pet on a walk in the park. Now, there are both advantages and disadvantages of using both these items. Let's take a look at them in a detailed manner and help you arrive at a fruitful conclusion; ·         Dog collars are available in a wide variety of styles. These are also used for training the animal to survive in harsh conditions. These collars make it easier to identify your pet as they often carry name tags and other labels. Moreover, the animal finds it comfortable to wear for as long as required without any difficulty. The hair does not get stuck in the collar and lets your pet breathe effectively as well. ·         The leash, also known as a harness, also has some advantages. You get to have more control over your pet dog when taking them for a walk as the leash extends and covers a sufficient distance. It makes the pet feel free, but at the same time, remains in your grasp. You can easily stop your dog from crawling up on strangers and running away. A harness is also quite breathable if you buy the one with the right size. You can purchase a leash based on the size of your dog. As far as a verdict is concerned, it is quite evident that both items are useful in their ways. Leash & collars for dogs are essential to keep them safe; otherwise, things can go wrong quickly. Your pet can run away on the road, exposing themselves to the dangers of an accident. You can lose your pet during the nighttime if a harness is not attached. After deciding between a harness and a collar, make sure to get proper and clear name tags for the animal for identification purposes. It is a precaution that has helped many owners get their pets back safe and sound, so why not take advantage of it yourself?

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10 Problem-Solving Pet Products You'll Probably Want Your 2021 To Begin With

With the world's famous "The CFA International Cat Show" and the "Westminster Dog show" in full swing this week, we're thinking of having new stuff for our furry friends. As we know, we do love to pamper our pets, so why not we should begin buying things that are preferred in essentials for them.  Not surprisingly, it's stated, the most significant portion of our money goes in buying the food items and in healthcare services. But, there's also profitable pet toys and product’s market in which most of them are high-tech. We all know how much we're obsessed with our pets, which ultimately explains why we love to talk about them. The number of pet owners and products is rising every year, representing that we need to share more information, social events on pets, and pet competitions to stay in touch with new technologies and helpful ideas. From oral or dental health to check on weight issues, we need to be careful about everything, as they can't speak for themselves. It's us who can take care of them like our babies, and it's worth doing! If you're a parent of a furry pet and looking for products to buy, here you go with a list of the best options to consider. Let's take a sneak peek: 1. Small Pet Carriers: Having your favorite pet with you all the time is every pet owner's wish, but it's quite challenging for them when their pets are tiny-tows to take care of. Moreover, many restaurants, hotels, and malls don't allow you to step in with your pets, so it's great to have pet outdoor carriers, and the problem is solved. Fortunately, these carriers are becoming a trendy travel product, as it has been made with safety, durability, and modern fashion designs.  2. Whistle If your pet is prone to escape and you spend a lot of time wandering around the streets seeking it, be sure to own a whistle. It might cost you less than 100$ that attaches to your pet's collar and works as a GPS beacon. Also, a whistle is backed by science using data from a pet insight project, which collects data of a pet regularly to provide users with actionable solutions.  3. PetNet Smart Feeder Are you a responsible pet owner, but you're running late and forget to feed your pet? Get yourself a PetNet smart feeder; it's a lifesaver. This intelligent feeding device can back you up if you're in a rush to your job, as it measures your appropriate-sized meals itself and acts like an owner for your pet. It controls the diet of your pet and keeps your pet's weight in acknowledgment so that it won't get obese.  4. LED Collars: Gearing to outfit your dog to get it ready for the next hiking adventure is what every pet owner wants. If you're one of them, then glowing LED collars is a must-have product to keep on your priority list. Moreover, it witnessed that a pet owner is concerned about their pets. For a long time, dark has been an enemy, so to not losing sight of him, be sure to have this product in your cart.  5. Pet Cot: Are you looking for a self-warming and fancy couch for your furry-pet? Pet cot can fulfill your wish. The cot gives your pet a warmth they crave and will distract them from messing with your furniture. Besides, it's great to make your pet feel cozy in winter's chilled night and relax in summer's breezing evening. If you're a dog, you've probably noticed that his nose turns pretty cold, and it's not normal at all. Here, having a pet cot can help them feel all covered and warm.  6. Pet Star Walk: Obesity is being a growing problem among pets, and it needs to be resolved quickly. As pets are not getting enough exercise daily, there's a significant deal none of the pet owners wants to miss, and that is a product named star walk. It keeps you alert when your pet requires a walk by nudging you always.  7. Pet Water Fountain: It may be a fancy luxury, but keeping your cat hydrated is an essential part of its healthy lifestyle. Buying a perfect pet fountain filter is a safer and practical choice as comparatively a traditional water bowl. So, be sure to keep one for your pet, and it remains hydrated for a long time. You won't have to fill a bowl repeatedly, as many of the times, we usually forget to fill that empty bowl in a rush.  8. Furbo Cam: If you are not working in an environment that is not pet-friendly, there's still a way to interact with your Pet. Furbo has embedded a camera that acts somewhat as a monitor and the best tool to have for pet voyeurs. Now, it's easy to notice what your pet is doing at home while being at the office for long hours. This cam is a lifesaver for those pet owners who miss their pets’ way too much.  9. Pet Litter Box: To have a litter box that will serve to keep your household clean is what you require to make a soothing-environment for your pets. That's essential since you don't want to scare your pet, so place a pet litter box in a quiet place to make your pet away from distractions. All you need to do is change the litter after a while when it gets a little old one to keep.  10. Pet Bath Tub: If you want to keep your pupperino or kitty smelling nice and fresh without traumatizing them with a bathtub, keep a Bissel portable pet bathtub with you. Ideally, the special nozzle is designed to give your pet a deep clean service. Trust that your pet would love having a bath in a tub, as it makes us feel secure and not floating. 

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Meet the Top-Notch China Pet Supplies Manufacturer

Do you adore your pets and want them to provide the best? Then shop from the superior China pet supplies manufacturer and attain the top-quality items for them. Ningbo Lamb Trading Co., Ltd. is a well-renowned firm in China that manufactures different items for your pets, including their daily necessities, toys, leashes, and collars, LED Collars, etc. We, as one of the leading wholesale pet supplies exporter in China, offer you high-quality products and equipment for your pets at reasonable rates. Lamb Trading understands the love you have for your pets. In fact, pets are no less than your family members. This is why we render you the supreme wholesale pets accessories China. We manufacture the cutest attires and adornments for your pets, especially for events like Christmas that makes them look more adorable and make you and your pets the happiest.

Shop from the Most Economical Wholesale Pet Supplies Exporter of China

Lamb Trading is the top-tier China pet supplies manufacturer that provides the optimal quality of products for your pets at cost-effective rates. We are the wholesale dealers and gives you the opportunity to flourish your businesses by shopping from us in bulk. Our services are not limited to China but worldwide. The buyers prefer shopping from the premier wholesale pet supplies exporter as we are internationally certified as well. Also, we are admired globally for providing optimum quality at many affordable rates.

Shower Your Love to Your Pets with the Best Wholesale Pets Accessories China

We care for you and your pets. This is why we manufacture premium quality products. The fun toys we manufacture for your pets will make you spend the most memorable and playful times with them. We also have some incredible Christmas gifts out of the other wholesale pets accessories China. Apart from these adorable small things, we also provide the daily necessities and durable collars and leashes for your pets. In short, we have the whole package for your pets that will make you and your pets gladder.

Enjoy Superior Services at Lamb Trading

We, as the prime pet suppliers of China, not only render you with high-quality and incredible items for your pets, but we also provide you with reliable services. Lamb Trading provides you with both pre-sale and after-sale services. We provide you with on-time delivery, supreme customer-care services, and satiate our clientele by all means. So do not make any compromise when it comes to your pets and book your orders with us.