On Christmas Eve in 2019,  3 partners, that our story begins here...

Yes, our company was established on a special holiday of Christmas Eve. Initially, we had 3 partners, founder Jonas and his 2 dogs, fried dough sticks, and black rice porridge. Ningbo Lamb Trading is an organization with lovely pet accessories. When the founder is working, his two friends will lie on the sofa and stare at him or sleep in. In their leisure time, they will share various foods and snacks together. After finishing a heavy day of work, they will Mountain climbing and walking together.

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A Predicted Overview of The Global Pet Toy Market Between 2021 and 2025

The global pet toys market has seen a massive change in the behavior of consumers due to the global pandemic. The change in behavior might be credited to factors such as economic pressure, online shopping, and the lack of outdoor exposure that used to be a notable part of the global pet culture. The post-pandemic world has also opened new doors for the consumers that can be beneficial for the vendors in the future, and they can construct their business plans according to the taste of their customers. It's a fact that the world will be recovering from an economic deficit, but it's anticipated that the pet market would see incredible growth of 9.2 billion dollars between the years 2021 and 2025. The changing dynamics of the pet market would only dictate the buying decision, but the purchasing power would also play a major role in this scenario. Emerging markets like Asia have shown impressive growth despite the economic instability and the pandemic, ensuring that the sellers can hope to widen their market cap to more markets between the years 2021 and 2025. Constant Annual Growth There are several findings that indicate the buyer's circle has become a lot more aware of the allergies and other infections that many people might face due to their exposure to pets, and it would show a considerable amount of change in the pet market, and it's more likely to stay stable in the future. The compound annual growth rate is likely to stay somewhere up to 5.95% in this time period. Changes in the Business Model The pet market has been largely fragmented, and in the upcoming years, it's possible that many leading vendors might have to rethink their business models and strategies to counter the future challenges that this market might face. It's predicted that up to 35% of growth would be originated from North America, with the U.S being the frontline market with consistency in the overall growth. Regional Growth The Asian and European markets are also likely to be a sweet spot for vendors to bring their businesses to these regions and mold the products depending on the targeted audience. Manufacturers would most likely try their best to bring different cute pet toys to attract customers based in emerging regions. The PPP (Purchase Power Parity) of the developing countries would also play a pivotal role in the overall growth rate that might work in favor of various small and large-scale pet businesses. 

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5 Best Tips to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dogs

Dogs are one of the most playful creatures. Sometimes it becomes hard for us to meet their energy level. But getting them some frisky toys can give you help in managing their playtime These toys are not a luxury but in fact, a necessity for your dogs as they keep them mentally sharp and engaged all the time. Besides, these toys also alleviate their boredom, especially when you have to go to your workplace. The right toys would also even relieve their stress and promote weight management.  Most of all, these toys promote bonding between you and your pop. The significance of dog toys is proved from all these benefits, but on the other hand, it is also vital to get the right toys for them. This article is generally the ultimate guide to pick the right toys for the dogs that keep them happy and make you satiated. 1. Get The Right Size The most vital tip to keep your dogs contented is to get them the right size toys. Give them toys with which they can easily play. This means to get large toys for the large dogs and small toys for the little pups. If you give the teeny toys to the larger dogs, they might devour it in their throat. Similarly, the larger toys are no fun for the puppies. Smaller pups like such toys, which are easy to carry and move. Ball toys, plush toys, and water toys made by the dog toys manufacturer are some of the toys that your dogs are definitely going to love.  2. Recognize Potential Choking Hazards Never give damaged toys to your dogs, especially if they are made of any hard material. Chances are your dog might gulp the tiny pieces of the broken toy and harm themselves. Similarly, also be careful with the chew toys as they could break off easily. Though dogs love chewy toys, you can always get the better quality and material for your pups for their safety. 3. Manage Playtime of Your Dogs with New Toys When you gift a new toy to your dog, you must supervise how he handles it and plays with it. Take full assurance if it is safe for your dog and after making sure you can leave your dog with the toy. If you feel that your little pup is uncomfortable with his new toys, it is better to find an alternative for him.  4. Discard Old and Broken Toys Broken toys are the dangerous ones. There are lots of hazards related to them as they can cause issues like choking or other intestinal hitches. Remember, these toys are not meant to last forever. There comes a time when you must bid farewell to them and surprise your pups with new interesting toys. 5. Rotate Your Dog’s Toy Once a Week Do not let your dog be bored of his toys. Rotate the toys week wise as suggested by the Humane Society of the US. This not only keeps them fresh and excited but also helps in boosting the longevity of the toys. 

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3 Main Things One Should Keep in Mind Before Investing In a Pet Kennel

Kennels might be a pet accessory for us humans, but for dogs, they are no less than their own safe space. Kennels play a role of a sanctuary for your pet where they can sit and relax after a long tiring day. They are also a useful tool if you travel often and want to take your pet with you wherever you go as they are suitable for car and air travel. It's crucial that you take care of little details when getting a kennel for your dog as it affects their day-to-day activities in a great manner. You can find a suitable kennel according to the size of your pet at your nearest pet store and give your pet the home that they deserve. It's important to keep in mind that kennels are something that you would buy once and then they would serve you for years to come, so it's better not to hesitate in spending a bit more on them as they are totally worth the cost keeping in mind the benefits that they offer to you as a pet owner. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before investing in a kennel: Size of the Kennel When shopping for a new kennel for your pet, the first thing you need to do is to measure the height of the pet so you can decide the correct size of the kennel that you are going to buy. The size measurement will allow you to decide the right kind of room that you want your pet to have as it's crucial that they are comfortable in their new home. If your pet is young, then it's advisable that you buy a relatively bigger kennel so it can serve you for many years, so even if they grow up to be bigger in size. Getting the right size of the kennel not only saves you a good amount of money but also reflects how serious you are about the comfort of your beloved pet. If you are not sure about what size you should be getting, then you can look at the size chart that is offered by almost every pet kennel manufacturer, and you would be good to go. Material of the Kennel One more thing that plays an important part when making the buying decision for a kennel is the material that is used in the making of the kennel. The material should be robust so you can relax about your purchase being future-proof yet should provide the required security for your beloved pet. Plastic kennels can be a way to go as they are easier to move due to the fact that they are relatively lightweight and are a suitable option if you are willing to travel with your pet. You can also invest in kennels that are made up of metal as they provide superior security features and might last you for many years as metal is far more durable than plastic. The price brackets of plastic and metal kennels are totally different, so you should keep that in mind if you are working with a limited amount of funds. Wire Crates The wire crates are suitable if your pet is new to the environment and requires a bit of initial training. The wire crates help to keep the pets in a safer space and offer safety for the owner as well because newer pets take time to get used to a certain environment and might show symptoms of aggression. It's important to protect yourself from a possible attack, so ideally, you should consider this option if you have gotten a new pet or if you are trying to fit your existing pet into a newer surrounding.

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Meet the Top-Notch China Pet Supplies Manufacturer

Do you adore your pets and want them to provide the best? Then shop from the superior China pet supplies manufacturer and attain the top-quality items for them. Ningbo Lamb Trading Co., Ltd. is a well-renowned firm in China that manufactures different items for your pets, including their daily necessities, toys, leashes, and collars, LED Collars, etc. We, as one of the leading wholesale pet supplies exporter in China, offer you high-quality products and equipment for your pets at reasonable rates. Lamb Trading understands the love you have for your pets. In fact, pets are no less than your family members. This is why we render you the supreme wholesale pets accessories China. We manufacture the cutest attires and adornments for your pets, especially for events like Christmas that makes them look more adorable and make you and your pets the happiest.

Shop from the Most Economical Wholesale Pet Supplies Exporter of China

Lamb Trading is the top-tier China pet supplies manufacturer that provides the optimal quality of products for your pets at cost-effective rates. We are the wholesale dealers and gives you the opportunity to flourish your businesses by shopping from us in bulk. Our services are not limited to China but worldwide. The buyers prefer shopping from the premier wholesale pet supplies exporter as we are internationally certified as well. Also, we are admired globally for providing optimum quality at many affordable rates.

Shower Your Love to Your Pets with the Best Wholesale Pets Accessories China

We care for you and your pets. This is why we manufacture premium quality products. The fun toys we manufacture for your pets will make you spend the most memorable and playful times with them. We also have some incredible Christmas gifts out of the other wholesale pets accessories China. Apart from these adorable small things, we also provide the daily necessities and durable collars and leashes for your pets. In short, we have the whole package for your pets that will make you and your pets gladder.

Enjoy Superior Services at Lamb Trading

We, as the prime pet suppliers of China, not only render you with high-quality and incredible items for your pets, but we also provide you with reliable services. Lamb Trading provides you with both pre-sale and after-sale services. We provide you with on-time delivery, supreme customer-care services, and satiate our clientele by all means. So do not make any compromise when it comes to your pets and book your orders with us.